Looking for information on Eric Vale? In search of a cure for Asta's arms, Noelle Silva and Finral Roulacas… He then resurrects Sally and Valtos and they end up joining forces with the Black Bulls, reluctantly accepting Asta's condition to fight Patry to redeem himself rather than for revenge. They decide to spend their remaining time in life atoning for their actions. Purple Other Yuno eventually rises to the rank of vice captain of the Golden Dawn. Although the only method to break the curse is by knowing love, Charlotte instead attempted to train herself to enforce control over her magic. Pragmatic, logical, and blunt, Nacht dislikes most of the Magic Knights, and freely admits to hating the Black Bulls, but works with them to stop the Dark Triad anyway, as he absolutely loathes their meaningless evil. Affiliation When Zagred returned after 5 centuries, Secre borrows Finral to reach Lumiere so she can use the magic stones to revive him while returning to her true form before they could join Asta and others at the Shadow Palace. Hair Heath used a relic to invoke a spell to kill himself and his two disciples in order to prevent the revealing of their agenda along with the Eye of the Midnight Sun's existence during their interrogation. She often spends time around him and Gordon, due to Gordon also having communication issues. When he received his grimoire, he shut himself away in frustration, struggling to find artistic inspiration, causing destruction during bouts of anger. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Asta and the Black Bulls from Yuki Tabata's Black Clover manga series. Anime Voice Actors Here you can find a list of all currently known voice actors and their respective roles in the anime “Black Clover.” If you know of any more voice actors who worked on “Black Clover,” feel free to add them to our database via our entry form . When the Elves begin their assault on the Capital, Gueldre is forced to ally himself with Revchi while attempting to escape in the chaos with the two ending up in the Shadow Palace. This forces the Clover and Heart Kingdoms to enter an alliance to repel the invaders and exterminate Megicula. But when he was to acquire a dungeon's treasure before the Clover Kingdom, Mars battled Asta and the friendship that resulted convinces him to change the Diamond Kingdom's internal structure for the better. Mereoleona is very aggressive, and often uses violence against her own squad. While facing Yuno, Rhya realizes the figure that he and Patry assumed was their comrade Ronne is the true cause of their peoples' slaughter as he is wounded by him. William is later abducted by Zenon Zogratis for the Dark Triad's aim of creating a Tree of Qliphoth. Langris partially reconciles with Finral, gaining an understanding with him, but insists Finral breaks his womanizing habits if he truly wants to be head of House Vaude, not wanting him to get his happy ending so easily. She also has dreams of becoming an idol with her brother, confiding it to Asta and Noelle while helping the latter learn to use her magic effectively. She loves Fanzell dearly but frequently vents her frustrations at him by repeatedly punching him in the face, whether he deserves it or not. Following the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Kirsch changed his initial outlook on commoners following his match against Asta. Later, a restored Secre unseals his soul, and he reverts to his true personality and regains his true strength, fighting alongside his friend, the also revived Lumiere. Gueldre is a successful merchant who used his Transparency Magic, which renders him invisible and unaffected by magic, to rise up in society by selling top secret magic items and smuggling hazardous materials. Rebecca first meets Asta when forced by her friends to participate in a group date, gradually warming up to him upon realizing they have a lot in common. She is undefeated in combat. After Patry completes the reincarnation ritual, Owen ends up being possessed by an Elf spirit with his magic inverted to destroy rather than heal. William Vangeance (ウィリアム・ヴァンジャンス, Wiriamu Vanjansu) is the leader of the Golden Dawn and a potential heir to Julius as Wizard King, possessing vast mana and is able to use World Tree Magic. "Austrian-born, fled to Germany to evade murder charges. Patry accepts this outcome, glad to have the chance to atone. He possesses no magical power, but he overcame his weakness by increasing his physical strength, which allowed him to join the Magic Knight Squad known as the Black Bulls after acquiring a five-leaf clover grimoire where the Anti-Magic devil Liebe resides. He struggles to match Luck's strength, especially when Luck is accepted in the Royal Knights and he is not.The relationship between Magna and Luck proves key in freeing Luck from Rufel's possession, and they fight alongside the Black Bulls against the reincarnated elves. However, when the Magic Knights fulfill their end of the bargain, she betrays them by tricking Asta into killing his friends against his will, wanting to use him for his Anti-Magic powers. Satoshi Mikami (三上 哲, Mikami Satoshi, born June 8, 1968) is a Japanese actor and voice actor from Tokyo.He is the best known official dubbing roles for Benedict Cumberbatch, especially in Doctor Strange and Avengers film series. Birthday Later, during the raid of the Midnight Sun's base, Luck ends up being possessed by the elf spirit Rufel (ルフル, Rufuru) as a result of Patry's ritual. Dominante Code (VIZ, Funimation) He has black scleras and red irises but no visible pupils. In truth, due to their magic prowess, the stronger members are humans possessed by the souls of the Elf Race (エルフ族, Erufu-zoku). He duels Asta, but they are interrupted by the attack of Vetto. Sally (サリー, Sarī) is a rogue mage who uses Gel Magic to create and manipulate gelatinous substances. One branch of the family's siblings is known for their red hair, desire for strength, and skill in Fire Magic. They break after Asta strikes him with his Demon-Slayer Sword and Anti Magic. He formed a deep friendship with Patry, who reincarnated into his body, as William's desire to care for the soul inside him gave him a reason to live through his childhood. Sekke Bronzazza (セッケ・ブロンザッザ, Sekke Buronzazza) is a young womanizer who entered the Magic Knights Entrance Exam for the chance of joining a high-standing Magic Knight Squad, attempting to manipulate Asta whom he considered the worst participant to make himself look good. Known as the "Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness", she uses Fire Magic, and due to much time spent solo training in the wild, is skilled in using natural mana. Nicknamed the Destruction God (破壊神, Hakaishin), Yami Sukehiro (ヤミ・スケヒロ, Yami Sukehiro) is the captain of the Black Bulls, who are regarded as the worst Magic Knight Squad due to unorthodox and unstable members, being both physically strong and intimidating to the point of giving death threats to anyone who annoys him. The Elves learn too late about the truth of their demise and resurrection by Zagred, whose reincarnation spell also afflicted them with wicked hearts (邪心, jashin) that amplified their negative emotions. After Gauche's arrest, Marie was taken into the orphanage overseen by Sister Theresa Rapual where she befriended many of the children there. Because of this, Noelle is initially fearful of Solid, but eventually exacts revenge by easily defeating him one-on-one during the Royal Knights examination. Eventually, her training and the positive feedback from her new friends in the Black Bulls allow her to overcome that flaw, displaying her full potential when fighting the elf Kivn and gains the ability to create water-based armor that increases her offense and defense. Once Zagred is defeated and the elf souls allowed to rest in peace, Lumiere joins them in the afterlife as the magic that kept him alive wears off, and is content that his ideals live on in the new generation. Megicula later enters the Heart Kingdom and curses Princess Lolopechka with a death curse that activates in a year, causing the Clover and Heart Kingdoms to enter an alliance to vanquish the devil. Alecdora Sandler (アレクドラ・サンドラー, Arekudora Sandorā) is a nobleman and member of the Golden Dawn who uses Sand Magic. Character Information Mariella is a former assassin of the Diamond Kingdom that was tasked with bringing the deserters Fanzell Kruger and Dominante Code back to the kingdom, but after encountering Asta, she chooses a different path of life. He was sent back to the city in a comatose state after being critically wounded, with his right arm ripped and the magic stone in his possession taken by Patry, who woke as he rejoined the Magic Knights during the elves' assault on the capital. Official Japanese Black Clover anime site, Fanzell Kruger, Dominante Code, Mariella, and Witches vs. Diamond Kingdom Army, https://blackclover.fandom.com/wiki/Dominante_Code?oldid=72629. This allows him to exorcise the elf spirits, should he inflict enough damage to their host bodies using it. In the aftermath of the final battle against the elves, Rades uses his magic to bind Patry's soul to Licht's artificial body, wanting him to atone for his actions. While Patry assumed Licht's identity after reincarnating into the body of William Vangeance five centuries later, he has Sally create an artificial body for Licht's soul to inhabit once all the Elves have been fully revived. Damnatio allows this, but vows to place every Magic Knight through an inquisition should Asta's mission fails and threatens the Clover Kingdom in any way. Having discarded his body to enter the mortal realm as a body possessing spirit, Zagred masterminded the Elves' genocide five centuries ago in a scheme to possess Licht's body and use the elf's five-leaf grimoire. Using his magic to create a flame-based artificial limb, Fuegoleon later acquired the Fire Spirit Salamander after it left Fana, making him more powerful. Langris feels he must be better than Finral in every aspect, or else he is worthless. Though his inherent-mana is low, he makes up for this weakness by launching several low-magic fireballs with varying effects. He uses Wind Magic and is the chosen partner of Sylph the Wind Spirit of the 4 great attributes. He has his leg amputated by Vetto during their fight, but it is later restored by the Witch Queen's Blood Magic. While she was with the Black Bulls as their pet bird, she played a key role in gathering a majority of magic stones for them. Finral Roulacase (フィンラル・ルーラケイス, Finraru Rūrakeisu) is a member of the Black Bulls. She also possesses numerous magic tools that allow her to augment her magic or another's with potential consequences, and she researched creating artificial bodies, which Rhya used to give Vetto and Fana replacement vessels. Dominante Code is a friendly and kind person. Kirsch Vermillion (キルシュ・ヴァーミリオン, Kirushu Vāmirion) is a nobleman from House Vermillion who uses Cherry Blossom magic, Kirsch is Mimosa's older brother and vice-captain of the Coral Peacocks with the rank of 1st Class Senior Magic Knight. Catherine made her appearance known in the Royal Capital during her group's attack, attacking the citizens before being stopped by Yuno who forced her to exhaust all of her mana to withstand his attack and then knocked out by Charmy, who misunderstood Catherine's need to feed on her mana to restore her youth as an attempt to steal her food. Secre remained in her bird form for centuries before deciding to stay near Asta after encountering him during his Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Actor Robert Englund discusses the technical aspects to Freddy's voice. Sekke uses Bronze Magic to create and manipulate bronze in various ways. Nevertheless, she is also rather greedy. Their direct subordinates are the Dark Disciples (漆黒の使徒ダークディサイプル, Dāku Disaipuru), who can access significant portions of a devil's power. However Sekke lost to Asta in the combat test and was only able to be accepted into the Green Praying Mantises, having since bore a grudge on Asta who refers to him by his "Bah-ha" laugh. He was left under the care of a church during his infancy, acquiring a four-leaf clover grimoire and became a member of the Golden Dawn. He has a casual, laid back attitude befitting his age and enjoys conversing with people closer to his age like Asta, as he has to be overly polite with the other Magic Captains, who are older than him. Asta has had a crush on her since they first met, forcing her to frequently turn down his offers of marriage and even to use her magic to punish him when necessary. Rades later joins the assault on the Black Bulls' base to acquire the magic stone before being sacrificed by Patry for his mana. Because of this, he rarely interacted with anyone during his childhood, leading him to develop poor communication skills. An expert in Poison Magic, specifically curses, Gordon comes from a commoner family that specializes in curse magic that their ancestors used for murderous purposes. Mars was emotionally scarred when forced by Fana to kill her for his freedom, gaining access to her Fire Magic along with his natural Crystal magic after pages of their grimoires were ripped and transplanted into each other. After Asta says he would happily be his friend as he allows himself to be arrested, his repentant mindset is noted as he is sentenced to community service at Sister Theresa's church. During her time with the Crimson Lions she was Fuegoleon Vermillion's magic instructor, but eventually retired after becoming tired of seeing children killed in battle, and became a nun to care for orphaned children. The more he slashes, the properties of his mana changes to match his opponent's magic, allowing him to slash through most magic, having even been stated to be able to cut through mountains. Damnatio Kira (ダムナティオ・キーラ) is a member of House Kira who is chairman of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Parliament, a manipulative and ruthless man who places justice above even his own family. [2] There, she becomes well known for her skill with magic tools.[3]. Zagred regains his body and psychologically tortures Patry to turn him into a Dark Elf, taking Patry's newly transformed five-leaf grimoire for himself. Owen (オーヴェン, Ōven) is a Magic Knight and Julius's right hand who is the best healer in the Clover Kingdom, possessing Water Healing magic that allows him to reattach severed arms or emulate X-rays. She also falls deeply in love with Asta, after seeing him fight against all odds despite having no magic. Satoshi Mikami (18 Character Images) - Behind The Voice Actors A running gag involves him suffering from constipation and threatening anyone who disturbs him on the toilet, usually Asta or Finral. While extremely powerful as a member of royalty through his use of light magic, Augustus's overconfidence that his position alone made him superior to potential opponents convinced him to not hone his skills. Her magic also allows her to transform magic into other attributes, such as converting Sally's Gel Magic into crystals or vines. Upon seeing her, the other Black Bull members named her "Nero" (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}黒 (ネロ)). Tetia's family and the human royals attacked while Licht watched his wife and people get slaughtered. Asta (アスタ, Asuta) is an orphan who was left under the care of a church by his mother during his infancy. While Noelle used a wand as a means to cope with this magic, she learns that she has been unconsciously holding herself back out of fear of hurting anyone. She continued to be with Asta even after he was included as a member in the Black Bulls. Solid Silva (ソリド・シルヴァ, Sorido Shiruva) is a royal of House Silva and Noelle's second big brother, Solid is a sadistic youth who enjoys insulting those he considers his inferiors, even his own sister Noelle. Voiced most times by Robert Englund. A devil that made its home in the Spade Kingdom, currently residing in the body of the Dark Triad leader Dante. Sally is resurrected by Rades, and they, along with Valtos, join forces with the Black Bulls to stop Patry, though she only accepted after Asta promised himself as her test subject and to atone for her crimes. William eventually regains his body when Asta exorcizes Patry at the elf's request so his magic can help Licht calm the other reincarnated elves and allow them to move on the afterlife, allowing him to resume his duties as a Magic Knight after Julius forgives him for his role in Patry's actions. The selection of most of its members is later revealed to have been part of Patry's plan as the majority of them are reincarnated elves. Dominante was born in the Witches' Forest. Charlotte is too shy to express her feelings to Yami and instead sets up a veil of mockery and self-superiority, but in the aftermath of her possession of the elf spirit Charla (シャルラ, Sharura), who briefly battled Yami before joining the others to fight Zagred, Charlotte attempts to express her feelings to Yami with her subordinates' support. Manga It premiered in Japan on October 3, 2017. [5] The group then warps to the Black Bull headquarters and picks up Asta. She joined the Magic Knights after being saved by Charlotte as a child, and as such is very protective of Charlotte and refers to her casually to the latter's dismay. This forced his family to live in seclusion in the Common Region within the estate that would become the Black Bulls' base, the building itself stabilizing Henry's mana siphoning. However, Rades uses his magic to bind Patry's soul into Licht's soulless vessel. Once their leader Patry commenced the plan to resurrect their kin, the Third Eye members take their place with the other Apostles to complete the spell. Rades Spirito (ラデス・スピーリト, Radesu Supīrito) is a necromancer who can animate corpses via his Wraith Magic. ドミナント・コード Chapter 82 Lumiere arrives in time as Licht begs Lumiere to kill him, after cursing his body so Zagred cannot use it. Blow You Away: An unique variation. The Heart Kingdom (ハート王国, Hāto Ōkoku) is a nation south of the Clover Kingdom whose people adapted to the country's strong natural mana to create unique magic and use a ranking system with Stage Zero at the top. She has magic that can absorb the magic and life force of other people or creatures. Asta originally used the magic-nullifying Demon-Slayer Sword and the magic-siphoning Demon-Dweller Sword he acquired at a dungeon, later acquiring the Demon-Destroyer Sword at the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout that allows him to destroy magic's actual effects, even after the spell has been cast. Their titles play on being embodiments of the opposing traits depicted on Clover Kingdom's clover coat of arms: faith, hope and love. Gauche was later recruited by Yami while attempting to escape prison and reach the orphanage. Once restored to normal by Asta after being defeated by Nozel, Patry aligns himself with the Magic Knights to stop Zagred, before having Asta exorcise him so Vangeance can help Licht pacify the other elves so they can pass on. When Patry conducted the ritual to revive the Elf race, Rill ends up becoming the vessel of the Elf Lira (リラ, Rira) of the Apostles of the Sephirah. Xerx is later possessed by an elf spirit who attempts to destroy the town of Hecairo before Asta defeats and exorcises the elf. He even uses this game as a condition to let his grandchildren, Kahono and Kiato, visit the surface. Grandson of the High Priest and Kahono's older brother. He aids the group in attacking the Royal Capital and played a role in Fuegoleon's mortal injuries. The Black Clover manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Yūki Tabata. While she uses Cotton Magic to usually create sheep that cook her meals, Charmy's magic has been seen to be extremely powerful as it has helped the squad out of more than one difficult situation, using a powerful binding spell, creating a giant sheep monster, and restoring people's magic, the only known spell that does so. See image of John Tui, the voice of Anubis "Doggie" Cruger in Power Rangers S.P.D (TV Show). Severely injured after his battle with the monstrous Licht, Lumiere has Secre petrify him, so he can be revived by her should Zagred resurface. She is nearly robbed, but is saved by a runaway Gauche, who tells her not to run if she is not prepared to survive on her own. Getting used to his new body and powers, Lira accompanies Patry to Shadow Palace where he holds off Asta and Mimosa before getting on Charmy's bad side and unknowingly awakening her Dwarf heritage. However, Asta later learns his power subjects him to a curse mark known as Weg (轍(ヴィーグ), Vīgu) that makes him a target for the Magic Parliament, who see him as a monster that needs to be destroyed. Like Noelle, Solid uses Water Magic. Noelle, wanting to help Asta, would later learn the truth of her mother's death being caused by a devil named Megicula. He is the wielder of Game Magic, which allows him to create a dimension for playing grand games with rules set in. Nacht (ナハト, Nahto) is the enigmatic vice-captain of the Black Bulls, who uses Shadow Magic to manipulate shadows. After Licht and Tetia conceived a half-elf child, they married with the elves present. Also able to foresee future events, the Queen learns of Vanessa's ability to manipulate fate with her Thread Magic and obsesses over it to the point of inadvertently estranging her daughter by holding her in captivity while forcing her to hone her magic. Despite Licht's sacrificial attempt to prevent it, with Secre sealing him away from the world of the living, he ensured the elves would be reincarnated five centuries later. After seeing Asta's battle prowess, he considers himself his rival and friend, which is later reciprocated by Asta. He acts as a senior to Asta and Noelle, accompanying them on some of their missions. September 15th[1] He is mocked by Liebe before disintegrating. Patry finds the only opposition to his revenge are the Magic Knights as he leads his forces into the Clover Kingdom to acquire the last stone to cement the elves into their reincarnated vessels while the spell kills off all remaining humans within the Clover Kingdom. Japanese However it resulted in her nearly being killed until Yami risked himself to save her, resulting in her feelings for Yami breaking the curse. He led his fiancé Dominante and several of his students to desert the Diamond Kingdom after growing tired of the army's cruelty, getting separated from Dominante and assuming the worst. Dominante and the others drop in to grab Asta. Lupin the 3rd: The Secret of Twilight Gemini(1996) - Additional Voices 3. Three of them are located at the center of his forehead, arranged in a vertical … [8] Dominante greets Vanessa when she wakes up. Underneath this mage stone, she has a third eye.She wears a high collared, furry maroon dress beneath the standard light hooded robe of her group, with open-toed, knee-high boots. Afterwards Dominante, Fanzell, and Mariella settle in a house outside of the Diamond Kingdom.[4]. Status Once Zagred is defeated, the Magic Knights and the reformed Eye of the Midnight Sun members manage to calm the other elves so they can be allowed to rest in peace. She helps the Black Bulls during their fight against the elf Reve by deducing the nature of the magic used by the elf's host Dorothy Unsworth and using it to their advantage. She then leads them to a secret path through the wall. Born as an illegitimate child to an unknown noble, Vangeance suffered a horrific abusive childhood before and after being accepted as an aristocrat. Valtos later joins the assault on the Black Bulls' base to acquire the magic stone before retrieving Patry, only to be sacrificed, to his shock, for his mana. Proud to say I play the role of the Kotodama Magic Devil, and Ronne by extension. He carried out his activities within the Magic Knights, using his captain status to physically intimidate his subordinates. Once Zagred is defeated and the elf souls are allowed to pass on, Licht decides to join his people in the afterlife while his artificial body is used by Rades to keep Patry among the living. He and Magna are best friends and they have a good-natured rivalry. When he is physically changed into an Elf by Patry's ritual (the soul is hinted to be that of Licht's unborn son) Yuno's magical might and willpower allowed him to retain his mind as he faced Patry and the demon manipulating him. He infiltrates the Royal Knights Selection Exam under a false identity for his personal agenda, and constantly argues with Asta due to their drastically different personalities and worldviews. While incredibly powerful as a royal, possessing a vast amount of mana, Noelle initially had trouble controlling her Water Magic with her older brother Nozel acting resentful to her as his way of protecting her from both harm and the truth behind the death of their mother Acier. After she recovers she resumes her duties caring for her orphans. Noelle hopes he can help Asta now. He had shaggy dark hair which he kept combed to the side. Orange For most of his life, he was considered by his father and stepmother as inferior to his younger brother, Langris Vaude, due to Finral not possessing offensive Spatial magic spells. Eyes She often abused him due to his constant smiling. Images of the Freddy Krueger voice actors from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Finral was gravely injured during the Royal Knight Selection Exam by Langris, and he was saved from being killed by the Black Bulls. He was killed by Zenon's forces when he invaded the Golden Dawn Headquarters. His Dark Magic can also interfere with magic from the underworld, making him a valuable asset. After becoming an assassin, she is ordered to recover her former teacher and his wife, Dominante Code, for deserting the kingdom. He has a dream of going above ground to become an idol, forming a Singing/Dancing duo with Kahono. One of the Dark Triad's objectives is the creation of a Tree of Qliphoth (クリフォトの樹, Kurifoto No Ki), a magic channel connecting to the underworld with the living world that will allow devils to enter the living world. He becomes friends with Asta after seeing the youth's Anti-Magic and learning of his age. Luck Voltia (ラック・ボルティア, Rakku Borutia) is a member of the Black Bulls, a borderline psychopath who uses Lightning Magic and is always smiling regardless of circumstances, giving him the nickname "Luck the Cheery Berserker." Neige's other reason is his obsessive desire for friends, lashing out at Marie when she denounces kidnapping as a way of befriending others. Sylph (nicknamed "Bell") often tries to play around with Yuno, but due to his serious demeanor, he is often found complaining. While indifferent to Asta possessing his grimoire and swords, Licht takes back the Demon-Dweller Sword and accompanies Rhya to Clover Castle where he proceeds to fight Zagred with Yami and Charla. Witches are allowed to visit the other kingdoms, but must only live in the forest, or they become criminals. Nacht infiltrates the Spade Kingdom, undergoing a highly secret undercover mission. Constellation With Katelyn Barr, Aaron Dismuke, Jun Fukuyama, Chris Gardner. Fittingly, she uses Song Magic and according to the Volume 14 Questions Brigade she has the best singing voice among the characters. He would later be revealed to host to an Elf Apostle that Fuegoleon faces in the Shadow Palace. Henry Legolant (ヘンリー・レゴラント, Henrī Regoranto) is the actual owner of the Black Bulls' base, using his Recombination Magic to remodel the building and rooms as he seems fit. This process revived Julius as a 13-year-old boy with his powers reduced, rendering him unable to carry out part of his duties as Wizard King. 'S good-natured personality, and skill in nature-based Magic and her Blood can heal others and manipulate.. Considers her as a Black Market vendor and sells various items to the 14... Human royals attacked while Licht watched his wife and people get slaughtered are interrupted the. Considers himself his rival and friend, and is immediately defeated live in the series ( )... Uses a Magic wand decorated with a slim figure, pale skin, and she supports the other is. Uses Song Magic and life force of other people or creatures and Finral Roulacase visit area. Vanessa Enoteca, Dominante sells a wand and brooch to Noelle Silva driven only by instinct revenge... Orphanage overseen by sister Theresa Rapual where she befriended many of the same name before... 11 ] when Ladros calls him a valuable asset an obsession with anything... And after being freed by Yami while attempting to escape prison and reach fanzell kruger voice actor overseen! And operate a flying broomstick is rescued by Lotus Whomalt as the result of Patry ritual... [ 22 ] heal others and manipulate Bronze in various ways he himself. His constant smiling witch, Catherine in # BlackClover later regains his respect for the Royal Knights Exam! To Dominante and Fanzell flee together but are separated later split off, while keeping age... Fuels his hatred for all devils, and she supports the other Bull... Demon from Rozen Maiden: Träumend Luck Voltia is a supporting protagonist in Black Clover Wiki ) Actors. He carried out his activities within the Magic stone before being sacrificed by Patry for his to. Who forced her to join the Black Bulls a condition to let his grandchildren Kahono... Awards Festival her exceptional skill at crafting magical tools such as wands, flying broomsticks, and muscle! Develop an arrogant attitude towards his brother Asta during the attack on the Capital elf 's mana absorption not... Into the Clover Kingdom border, abusing his power and allows him to the world! Uses Sand Magic rogue mage who uses Sand Magic producing a SimulDub of the Diamond Kingdom army. Where he holds off Noelle and merely considers her as a child her stepsisters attack her she! Series by Yuki Tabata inhabitants have an alternate appearance as sea creatures Method ( マナメソッド魔言術式, Mesoddo... Reluctant to express it voice among the Generals sent to attack Kiten before losing right... With the human royals attacked while Licht watched his wife, Dominante sells a and., but it is later healed by the witch Queen 's Blood Magic had. Arm to Langris Vaude and being captured by the Clover and Heart Kingdoms to enter an to! His speed and launch lightning balls carried out his activities within the Magic and steel-based Magic Asta. Is framed by a teammate during a mission because of this, he continues to work hard create! Grandchildren, Kahono and Kiato, visit the surface the elf when he redeemed....: Träumend, Fanzell Kruger is her husband and member of the High Priest, Gifso ( ジフソ Jifuso! Rouge is active long-sleeved Dark violet dress with a brown belt and cloak over her shoulders while attempting to prison! They become criminals extremely envious that the people there are very excited to see people from above water her! 'S forces when he redeemed himself has a pair of pink eyes, but he her. Lacks any eyebrows 's character when Ladros unleashes his Million Lasers on the Black Clover this delightfully evil,! Befriended many of the Dark Triad leader Dante when compared to the Volume 14 Questions she. Shield surrounding the city with powerful lightning arrows his actions driven only by instinct a mere 4 years Asta. In nature-based Magic has developed a Magic technique called mana Method ( マナメソッド魔言術式, mana Mesoddo ) naked. Manipulated the elves present principle that women are superior to men in power Rangers S.P.D TV! Sekke uses Bronze Magic to travel distances create a dimension for playing grand with! Invisibility cloaks devils appear in the series vice captain of the Black Bulls more. Poison Magic, which allows him to freely manipulate the Gravity of himself, others, and the underworld making. Tool development and remodeling, and is depicted as Yami 's right-hand guy him into a sword so helps... Extend her influence across the forest of Witches incident, reuniting with and... 8 ] Dominante, Fanzell Kruger is her husband due to Asta 's cursed broken arms, Noelle.! Murder charges death was the result of Patry 's soul into Licht soulless. Initially he was exiled by the witch Queen 's Blood Magic when she wakes up the underworld, making able. Clover: grimoire battle, Dominante Code, for deserting the Kingdom [! Falls deeply in love with Fanzell Kruger is her husband are separated help Asta, after seeing the 's... Aggressive, and desire to grow, not status devil residing in the world when Asta injured! William is later abducted by Zenon 's forces when he invaded the Golden Dawn who uses Shadow Magic generate. Coward. [ fanzell kruger voice actor ] her kinder and more gentle personality, noticing people prefer Finral company. Sealed him within the five-leaf grimoire ( 憎悪, Zōo ), true unknown. Brother 's good-natured personality, noticing people prefer Finral 's company to his spiky hairstyle and a lock falling at... People based on their strength, and even invisibility cloaks lumiere thwarted the Demon 's attempt, Zagred Patry. To repel the invaders and exterminate Megicula z: the secret of Twilight Gemini 1996! Who possesses Mud Magic and according to the Black Bull Headquarters and picks up Asta user in body! Wife, Dominante Code, Dorothy Unsworth, and well-defined muscle tone down at the Shadow where! 4 years above Asta and Noelle, wanting to help Asta, after cursing his body to Black! An American actor, television host, and fight the devils together you so much ChubsGeorge., Gurei ), Fana initially incarnated into a sword so he helps Asta train would later learn truth. Fana as he takes the latter having scarred his chest and exterminate Megicula calls! Magna are best friends and they have a good-natured yet hot-headed delinquent who uses Fire Magic necromancer. As wands, flying broomsticks, and Mariella settle in a knot by a blue.... Be revealed to host to an elf spirit who attempts to duel with squad captain William Vangeance but easily... Dreams of becoming the next Wizard King soon after to take over Liebe 's body you and miss! Anime and manga industry ( サリー, Sarī ) is a slender woman with an apparent dislike towards men harboring! And boots to increase his speed and fanzell kruger voice actor lightning balls prior to the Star Awards Festival else he is to... Her influence across the forest, before they fled from the country as fugitives country as fugitives, fanzell kruger voice actor..., using his captain status to physically intimidate his subordinates, lead to a rumor that a haunts... These outbursts, she falls in love with the state of the Black,... フィンラル・ルーラケイス, Finraru Rūrakeisu ) is the third best chef in the Shadow Palace with,! ( funimation Dub ) 2 fandoms with you and never miss a beat his decision to take back her.! Making Baro a monster devil that made its home in the center her! Series by Yuki Tabata bringing his body to slaughter them all and lumiere. Enough damage to their host bodies using it with Magic from the Nightmare Elm... As the result of Patry 's ritual ( フィンラル・ルーラケイス, Finraru Rūrakeisu ) is American. To exorcise the elf spirit from her body in Fire Magic and operate a flying broomstick right-hand guy his... He can not use it, needed to create arm blades of mana, Dismuke. This outcome, glad to have one by Noelle and merely considers her as a senior to Asta Noelle... Of judging people by their strength, personality, and calls her `` sea Goddess ``... 'S battle prowess, he serves as a child, his actions driven only by instinct injured the. Company to his constant smiling Goddess. `` ドミナント・コード, Dominanto Kōdo ), true name unknown, is 2017... Head out to deal with the latter having scarred his chest grab Asta everything, and well-defined muscle tone and. Black Bulls from being killed by the Clover Kingdom 's Forsaken region the... 'S progress, nozel reconsiders and reconciles with his mother as Licht begs lumiere to his. Luffy 's Pledge to his constant smiling to exorcise the elf no Magic is envious... And friend, and well-defined muscle tone her Song Magic and life force of other people or creatures Magic... Mereoleona Vermillion 's team as Asta and launch lightning balls Yūki Tabata he forms a contract in which kept. Asta exorcises the elf 's mana a long-sleeved Dark violet dress with a brown belt cloak! That can turn serious when required involves him suffering from constipation and threatening anyone disturbs! A skilled mage with a complicated past -- and a dangerous future Patry. Liebe 's foster mother to escape prison and reach the orphanage overseen by sister Theresa with squamates. Forms a contract in which he kept combed to the Shadow Palace where he holds off Mereoleona (,! A Singing/Dancing duo with Kahono Questions Brigade she has a dream of above. Title of Hateful ( 憎悪, Zōo ), originally from the spell after Rufel defeated! His disciples attacked a village in the living world and the others drop in to grab Asta base acquire..., accompanying them on some of their family death, lead to an elf Apostle given title... Is rescued by Lotus Whomalt as the fly away and avoid Ladros 's atttacks, has!

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